Souza Baranowski Center, Massachusetts

Supermax Prisons

This prison facility makes its name due to its technological advancement. It has a reasonable capacity of 1024 inmates. Usually the number of inmates has always been below the capacity. Souza Baranowski Center is one of the American supermax prisons.

It holds the pride of being strategically designed by a highly qualified team from the famous institution, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its layout and systems were first planned on computer software and tested before putting them to practical work. It has a keyless system throughout the facility. All doors are centrally controlled from the control center. The camera system designed by the team covers almost every possible aspect in the prison 24/7.

A whopping number of 370 full High Definition CCTV cameras monitor the prisoners. The video record is kept safe for revision later on for any possible gaps in the security.  Even motion sensors are installed on each door to hint at the slightest escape attempt! It is also based completely on a renewable power source like solar power and hydroelectric. This means that all the electric powered systems cannot be switched off by a deliberate power cut by anyone as it has its own power supply.

A truly technology inspired prison for the notorious criminals!

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