San Quentin State Prison, California

Supermax Prisons
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This state prison is more than a century old! It was established in 1852. This prison mostly hosts the death row inmates and has facility of execution by orders of capital punishment. This prison has a strong framework and infrastructure based on 1.75 square kilometers. It employs almost 1700 staff members and spends approximately a whopping $210 million on its services and inmates hosting expenditure. It is California’s largest prison with an inmate capacity of 3082. However, this facility has usually been overcrowded with an average overpopulation of 37% or more. With the latest statistics from Wikipedia, in January 2016’s survey, this prison was hosting 3,682 inmates.

However, for the better-behaving inmates who are not on death row, this prison offers some good programs. For example, the inmates who are well behaved and have a good baseball talent are allowed to have matches from outside teams within the prison facility in summers. For the inmates who wish to have formal studies, this prison has an exclusive educational system to offer. Named as Prison University project, it offers official degree granting study offers for both moral and formal education of willing inmates.

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