Qincheng Prison, China

Supermax Prisons

This prison was established in the late 1950’s. It was built mainly for the purpose of captivation of the active participants of the famous Democracy Movement. This movement lasted for several decades until the 90’s. This prison is built in the northwest of the capital of China i.e. Beijing. It was built with the help of the Soviet Union. This prison is marked by its special feature of being enclosed in a valley. There’s no escape route except the main gate which is heavily guarded. If a prisoner tries to escape from the back of the premises, he/she will end up in the enclosed valley with nowhere to escape. This Supermax prison is guarded by approx. 5000 armed guards.

Occasionally, even logistics trucks are emptied at gates to check for any prisoner hidden inside. It also contains one of the tallest guard towers in the world to keep an eagle’s eye on even the slightest movement within the premises. A true “dungeon” indeed!

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