Fuchu Prison, Japan

Top 10 Supermax Prisons in The World

This prison was originally built to host the leaders supporting communism and those who played part in the Korean freedom movement. This prison has an astonishing capacity for prisoners i.e. 2842. The need for such a large prison was realized after the destruction of the ex-largest prison of Japan by an earthquake. This prison is intelligently divided into several sections. For instance, the foreigner inmates section, mentally disabled prisoners etc. This enables each type of prisoners to be kept with their peers and to avoid any fight within the facility.

Unfortunately, despite of the intelligent planning, the prisoners held at the Fuchu Prison face harsh conditions that are hard to cope for any prisoner. No heating or air-conditioning, having water-like non-nutritious diet consisting soup and rice just 2 times a day and poor sanitation conditions give it a bad reputation. A somewhat brighter side of this prison is that it contains a vocational training center for the moral training of its inmates.

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