North Branch Correctional Institution, Maryland

Supermax Prisons

This Supermax security prison commenced in 2003 as one of the foremost highest security prisons. It is deemed safe for even housing the worst of the criminals like cannibals, serial killers and even death row inmates. It houses approx. 1471 inmates. Its construction cost of about $175 billion makes it quite clear about its extensive security measures. Technologically, it’s one of the most advanced prison which requires a minimal number of technical watch-officers.

A notable feature of this facility is its uniqueness of its build-style. Normally prisons are situated with watch towers at the outer side of the framework of the facility. However, the North Branch Correctional center features a center based watch tower with all the prison buildings around it. Last but not the least, to avoid prisoners breaking out or making potentially harmful weapons within their cells, ballistic-resistant glass has been used. All this boosts up the cost of hosting a prisoner up to $34,000 per annum!

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