HM Prison Belmarsh, England

Supermax Prisons

It is one of the highest security prison in UK. HM Prison is situated in Woolwich. It was situated in April, 1991. HM Belmarsh has a capacity of 855 inmates. It is used to house those prisoners that are related to severe terrorism related activities. This prison is built as a mixture of both Supermax and normal cells. It is based on an infrastructure of 4 residential blocks. The residential blocks are divided into 40% solitary-confinement cells whereas the rest of the 60% are double-bed cells for the “better” prisoners. Due to the extreme, harsh conditions at HM Prison, there are several recreational activities introduced.

Those prisoners with a  tendency to think for suicide are given special psychological treatment. Moreover, a sports room, gyms, educational center and workshops offer multiple opportunities for all types of inmates. According to Wikipedia, the HM Belmarsh has a contract with Charlton Athletic F.C. for the coaching of prisoners. Sports offered at this prison include badminton, volleyball, soft tennis, weight lifting, basketball and some sports for the above 50 and 60 years old. Formal education options include arts, engineering, cooking, maths, music and much more. Last but not the least, the prison offers a well-established library with 3 sessions of 20 minutes per week allowed to inmates.

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