Black Dolphin Prison, Russia

Supermax Prisons
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Home to almost 700 inmates, this prison facility has an astonishing 1:1.3 ratio of inmates to guards. This means that almost 900 guards are appointed for 700 inmates. Almost all the prisoners kept here are severely misbehaved ones facing life behind bars. To keep the layout of the prison secure from inmates, eyes are covered with a thick cloth while transportation to various blocks. The only recreation for inmates at this Supermax prison is a 90 minute exercise to relax themselves. A head count by the wardens every 15 minutes leave no gap in the security for any successful escape. Some inhumane conducts imposed on the prisoners include the restriction for them to sleep during daylight hours. This means that they have fixed and scheduled hours for sleeping and any extra sleep will cause them trouble.

Let me mention that the name “Black Dolphin” has been attributed to this prison because of a sculpture at the gate of the prison. Interestingly, this sculpture was designed by the prisoners themselves!

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