Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX), Florence Colorado

Supermax Prisons

This facility is built on a 37 acre land with a housing capacity of 490 Supermax prisoners. It has three separate sub-facilities of different security levels. Home to some of the most notorious mass murderers, this facility was created in 1994. It was created after a series of murders of correctional officers in the normal prisons. There was a dire need to host such prisoners in the securest cells in solitary confinement. The prisoners at ADX are locked down for 22 to 23 hours a day. With the latest statistics, the numbers of inmates subject to the Supermax security are 404.

The cells are guarded with double cell doors like first there’s a sliding solid metal door, followed by a door made of solid metal bars and this sequence repeats one more time. This means 4 doors in total for one prisoner which makes it almost soundproof! Most of the prison is above the ground. The only part  which is underground is a corridor which links cell blocks.

ADX Florence also famous as “Alcatraz of the Rockies” tops the list of supermax prisons in the world.

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