About us

For that research geek in everybody, provides an interesting screen in to the technical and organic earth, providing persuasive and extensive information and evaluation on from dinosaur findings, historical finds and incredible creatures to wellness, innovation.

Mission Statement
Encourage and to enable our visitors using the resources required enjoy its daily amazement and to comprehend the planet.

Our History released in 2004, like a match towards the room and astronomy news-site, with only three-team members. Webby Awards were obtained by the website in 2008 being an Honoree within the Technology class. Technology Media Community, today named Purch, last year obtained it.

Beginning this year, sister websites spun out to address three of the hottest subjects in higher level: MyHealthNewsDaily Life’s Small Secrets and Your Incredible World. To Live Technology the websites were folded back within the spring of 2013 to create a more helpful (and much more workable) single-site.

In middle-2013, released an op ed area named Pro Sounds, that has since developed to incorporate a large number of specialist allies every month including guide writers and scientists, historians, astronauts. started researching Health-Tech items including heartbeat monitors and exercise trackers.

Product evaluations have been contacted by using ethics and the same freedom of journalistic request the website is famous for. Science reporters’ staff — several to their writing levels with levels within the sciences in addition — have been in a place that is unique to reveal any technology- or wellness-associated claims-made by producers.

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